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Whether you call it memoir writing or storytelling, it's still your


They can be spiritual. They can be financial. Professional. Artistic. Musical. The list goes on. But every one of us has a narrative legacy. A whole attic trunk of unique stories that make up a life.

Childhood stories tell the current generation what the past was like.

Current stories tell future generations what today was like.

Every story tells everybody what you were like.

They say everybody has a book in them. This is both uncomfortable and medically dangerous, so don't you think it's a good idea to get it out? Maybe all you need is coaching.

Think about it...
All of us are made up of our stories. We are each a living library of anecdotes, short stories, tall tales, half-truths, half-lies, jokes, facts, opinions, musings, and life lessons.

Then you reach a point in your life when you realize it’s time to turn your library into your legacy. If you’ve already written it, great! Let's turn in into a book. And if you're puzzled about the process, a little coaching is in order.

Joining forces with a writer to help you produce a spirited memoir in your own voice.

Your book is your time machine, capturing your stories from the past and sending them to the coming generations.

Time flies. Click here to get in touch.

Remember... you might be very interesting today,
but you'll be fascinating in fifty years.

Something just for fun--
What happened in the year of your birth?
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