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Talking is easy. Communicating is hard.
Family stories or full-fledged memoirs...
let's get your message out there!
Talking about using your "time machines" to get to your stories
Ways we can work together:
Memoir writing or personal history: Using my storytelling concepts, you can tell your own life story (or I can do it for you). Drill down to the buried memories, whether it's your first telephone, your first car, or your first love.

Me and Aunt Bea's car, 1952


Ghost Writer: Need to have something written and don't have the time? I'll do it for you and the world will be none the wiser. From blogs to articles to books.

Editing: You've already written a story, an article, or a book, and it needs a polish. Let's work together; we'll make it shine.

So get in touch and we'll work together to get your stories told.
p 412-999-4697
e jay@jayspeyerer.com

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Click here to learn how to have your own book of family stories created as a private edition just for you.

Get in touch for the details.

Ghost writing: Special PDF white paper for speakers who need to write a book.
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Ghost Writing
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* All of my training seminars are PowerPoint-free zones. It's just the audience, the content, and me.

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